Helgemo is a 2.3 kilometre-long beat just north of, and downstream from, Lundamo in Gaula. You can fish from both banks. You fish a 1.5 kilometre stretch by the farm accommodation, and an 800 metre stretch on the other bank, by the gravel track. Helgemo comprises three pools with varying characteristics and fishing follows a rotation plan. Accommodation at the farm is usually included.

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Helgemo 1, the upper pool, has a fast inlet which runs into a wide, deep pool where the main current flows on the far side before moving over to our side just before the inlet to the next pool.
The pool fishes best when the water is high to medium high, giving you good movement through the entire stretch.
When the water is high the fishing is fantastic, as the fish come right up to the bank on our side.
Klicka för större bild!Remember not to fish too deep, but let the fly sweep in all the way to your beach.
At low water the outlet to Helgemo 2 becomes very interesting, while the inlet current can even hold fish, and wading will allow you to fish the middle of the pool.

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Helgemo 2,
 the lower pool, is best fished when the water is medium-high to low. This pool is a long gravel bed with a fairly fast flow that leads into a deep hole at the end of the beat.
Along the gravel bed there are a number of pockets which slow down the fast-moving water. The inlet current and the current edges are always interesting, especially early in the morning.
Klicka för större bild!These pockets, some of which are quite large, go all the way down and usually deliver fish. They are temporary resting places, which means you should fish regularly through the entire stretch to meet passing fish. Furthest down are some large stones in the middle of the pool where the current goes out into the depth. It pays to fish all the way to the tip of the gravel bar and then wade a bit further down. This lets you present your fly really well over the rocks and then get a fine sweep over the edge of the deep pool.Klicka för större bild!
From here on you can fish from the bank and have the deep channel at your feet.
A tip – move carefully at low water so you don’t frighten the fish. You can carry on fishing further down as the current gets slower. You’ll usually find salmon deep down in the pool.
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Helgemo 3, is on the opposite side of Helgemo 2 (gravel road) and starts with the outlet current from the gravel bar and then continues into a slow-moving, very deep pool. There are always fish here and the bottom part fishes best when the water is medium-high to high. This stretch is also known as “the grill site” – guess why!
From here you can reach those parts of the outlet current from Helgemo 2 that are difficult to reach from the farm side. A longer wade and a longer cast lets you even reach the edge of the current on the far side.
The breadth and depth of Helgemo 3 makes it a fantastic pool when the river floods and the currents are really strong. It’s then you can meet fish in the current edges that form around the stone croys that are normally on land when the water is low.

When fishing at Helgemo we usually stay at Helgemo Farm. Fishermen have their own detached house with fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and plenty of space for the whole group. The house has five bedrooms with a total of 11 beds. There are 2 bathrooms with showers and 2 separate WCs.