Øvre Valdum

Øvre Valdum or ”Junction” as it is sometimes called, is a fantastically productive pool in Lundamo. The Lundamo Sokna River joins the Gaula here, and the pool has produced a host of large salmon over the years.

As this stretch is downstream of the Gaulfoss rapids, fishing is more consistent over the season, and the flow of water is better than in the upper reaches of the Gaula even when water levels in the river are low.

Øvre Valdum is a fairly deep pool with a good flow throughout the whole stretch when water levels are normal. A fast, deep main current comes into the pool along the far side, and here we can find salmon that are making their way upstream.

There are also lots of interesting boulders to fish around on your way down to the middle of the pool where the current meets a ridge and turns in towards our side. There is a really interesting lie in the middle of the pool where fish often rest for a while.

Øvre Valdum fishes well whatever the water level, but is fantastic when the river is in flood. You then need to concentrate on the central and lower parts of the pool. You can find salmon on our side all the way down to the lower limit.

It’s probably best at normal and high water levels. Øvre Valdum is about 550 metres long on the eastern or windbreak side, and about 300 metres long on the western side by the gravel track. Most fishing takes place from the east bank as you can more easily cover the interesting parts from here at low water, and when the water is high the fish will be much closer to the beach on this side as the water is faster and more difficult on the other bank.