Loe is an 800 metre-long beat just south of Storås. It's made up of three different pools, each with its own character. You fish them from the west bank of the river.

Loe 1 is the uppermost pool with a really narrow inlet, but in spite of that it has a huge number of good lies. The deep, narrow channels have a lot of large rocks, and lovely currents created by the fast-moving waters from the inlet. There is a reliable lie just by the large rock, and when the waters are really high the most interesting area moves further down, so that most of the pool can be fished.

Loe 1 - middle section
There are larger and smaller rocks all round the edges of the pool, so that it can be fished whatever the water level. When the water's high you can creep between the bushes and use a Spey cast to place your line. It's a challenge, a bit difficult, but at the same time very exciting.
Over the years Loe 1 has produced a lot of big salmon, including one weighing over 18kg!

Loe 2, the middle pool, is best fished when the water is high. You can get a good troll through the pool, and in the lower part there are some larger rocks, under water, which provide some fantastic lies.
The flow is slower when the water is low, but the inlet is always interesting, and even the neck into Loe 3 can be interesting at dusk and dawn.

Loe 3 is at the lower end of the beat - a pool with lots of holes, rocks and varying currents.
The pool provides opportunities for exciting "pocket fishing", with lots of good lies. The steep bank provides a dramatic framework for the pool, at the same time offering some challenging fishing. Sometimes you need to wade or climb to find the best positions.