Tivoli is a broad, fairly slow-mowing pool with large rocks on the river bed. The river is quite wide here and at first glance the pool seems to lack character – but quite the opposite! Beyond the somewhat faster inlet current, along the west bank with the large boulders, the deep channel swings over towards the other side and encounters a ridge on the river bed in the middle of the pool. Fish often lie in front of this and show themselves often as well. The deep channel carries on to the eastern bank, by the gravel road, but you can even get to it by wading out a little from the west bank. Be careful! The rocks are slippery and the current can be strong. Before the shallower water by the neck, a group of rocks are hidden just under the surface- a perfect lie. The rocks are fairly deep down and may be difficult to find if the water is high, but if you look carefully you can see the small changes in the swirling of the current that they create. You can reach the spot from both banks with a longer cast. The outlet neck might seem shallow, but don't be fooled. Fish lie in the shallower, faster waters more often than you think! If you go as far as you can after the neck of the pool in to the long rapids, there are some deeper places where the salmon like to stop for a while. When the water is high the deep channel can be fished with different sorts of sinking lines, so that you get further down an also reduce the speed of the fly.

Tivoli is about 500 meters long and can be fished from both banks of the river